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Image Web Hosting – Part 1

July 21st, 2009 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Image web hosting is one of the best web hosting features available. Between digital cameras and web hosts that offer image hosting I not only save a lot of money and time but I no longer worry about keeping my photos in a fireproof safe, or having my old photo albums where I can grab them quickly in case of an emergency.

I remember when my children were babies, and we lived far way from family, I would take tons of pictures, so all of the grandparents would not miss out on any little thing. At the time, my children had grandparents and great-grandparents in a total of six different places, so I would have to get six sets of prints, write names, dates, and places on every set and then pay to mail them. OH…did I mention that we had “film” back then? Yes, so I did not have the option to preview my photos, I either had to just order 6 sets in hopes there were no photos that didn’t turn out, or send the film in and get 1 copy and then only get reprints of the ones that turned out. Either way, it was expensive, time consuming, and no guarantees.

Having a digital camera which allows me to preview my pictures and delete any unwanted photos is an awesome thing, no more getting my photos back only to find out people were missing body parts or that the film was under or over developed. And, if they are under or over exposed or have redeye etc…I can pop it into a photo program and fix it , and even take away any unwanted blemishes : )

My photos were often unorganized, in a box somewhere, in a partially finished photo albums or scrapbooks, or a few in my fireproof safe (not nearly enough room in there for everything). Then there was the question about storing negatives.

Anyone over the age of 30-35 by now is totally relating to my old nightmares, and teenagers are thinking I am speaking in a foreign language and going to ask their parents what “negatives” are. And now I am going to explain image web hosting and the opposite affect is going to happen.

Benefits of Photo Image Web Hosting:

Offsite Backup – If you store all your photos on your home computer you may be taking up a lot of web space and bogging it down. You also run the risk of a virus, losing your harddrive, and losing those digital images forever. Storing them with an image host saves your computer and safeguards your ability to retrieve them.
Repository – A repository allows your customers, colleagues, family, or friends to receive a direct download from your website or in an email or an instant message. This technique is called direct linking or hot linking.
Display and Share – By storing your photos with an image host you have access to your photos wherever you have internet access. You can email photos, create albums, and even set up a password to share them only with whom you wish.

In my next post, Image Web Hosting Part 2, I will talk about what to look for when searching for a web host to trust your images of priceless memories with.

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