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Unlimited Bandwidth Offers

November 23rd, 2009 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Some web hosting plans will offer you unlimited bandwidth. What is bandwidth and what does this mean for you in terms of it being “unlimited”? In this post we will discuss unlimited bandwidth and what it really means.

Basically it is not possible for a web hosting company to provide an unlimited amount of anything. There are limits set on the host as well. Usually the offer for unlimited bandwidth is strictly to lure customers in because the customer truly believes that they might as well get as much as possible for their dollar. What the web host knows is that you will probably never come close to using what is considered a huge amount of bandwidth.
Bandwidth refers to the amount of information sent over the Internet between your site and a web users web browser. The more visitors you have the more bandwidth you use. Web hosts calculate bandwidth on a monthly basis. So if you see a web host that offer 500 GB of bandwidth or file transfer they are talking about in one month unless otherwise specified.
If your site is on the smaller side and you don’t get an enormous amount of traffic you should be fine with a plan that offers unlimited bandwidth. Just keep in mind that with this kind of shared hosting you don’t know how much traffic that server you are using is going to incur and if it gets high amounts of traffic your site may be slow to load pages on a users browser and at times the server may have outages.
Just try to calculate what your needs are to prevent this and don’t just get lured in by the marketing ploy of wording like “unlimited”. As with most things, in web hosting, if it sounds too good to be true, it is.
A few great companies that offer unlimited bandwidth are:



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