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What is Unlimited Web Space

November 26th, 2009 · No Comments · Uncategorized

You will hear “unlimited web space” a lot when you look at different web hosting companies. It is important that you know what this really means and then you can see if it really is the right choice for you.

Web space is determined by the amount of space your site takes up on your web hosts server. You may not realize all of the things that take up web space on your site. All written information, applications, videos, audio files, pictures, scripts, templates and more. Every single thing on your site takes up web space. If you become efficient with your data and make file sizes smaller and concise you will take up less web space.
When you see “unlimited web space” you should always read the fine print that the company has. Few things are truly “unlimited”. Basically the web hosting company is offering this because most sites do not take up that much space. In reality your web space is limited to how much space is available on the host’s server. The space on any server always has limits so you don’t want an overloaded server or you can end up with error pages, downtime or slow loading web pages.
When you are building your web site you can generally find out how much space your site will take by looking up the properties in the root folder. The root folder contains every single things in your web site so be sure to use this when determining the space needed. If you do not go with an unlimited web space plan just be sure that your host offers an upgrade if needed. This will keep you from having to switch companies or keep you from having problems with your web host.
Here are a few companies that offer unlimited web space:



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