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iPage Coupon iPage Discount Price $3.50

October 27th, 2010 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Looking for iPage coupon codes? No need – just use our special ipage discount pricing link to get the best savings on iPage web hosting! Most people find the ipage website with a price of 4.50 per month, but our link without any use of a coupon will get you the best price ever seen for this company.

Why is this iPage Discount such a value?

iPage Discount!!! $3.50/month!

iPage offers unlimited disk space and traffic for website owners. Their plan includes a free domain name and tons of free tools to help you get started with your website. One of these tools is their one click installer for apps such as WordPress and phpBB forum software. There are other companies such as BlueHost that offer a great one click installer as well, but BlueHost costs about 3.95 with their bluehost coupon code link. Otherwise, you’d pay $6.95 for their regular rate. iPage is cheaper than any other host of this quality. You may find a price for web hosting that is lower, but it won’t be worth it…trust me. I’ve used the iPage plan after signing up with the iPage discount pricing – and it works great. I installed a wordpress blog on their servers and it was flawless.

Who is iPage?

iPage is a product of Endurance International. Endurance is a rapidly growing web company that specializes in web hosting. They have acquired many brands over the years and they really seem to be pouring everything with marketing into iPage. They also own brands such as FatCow, iPower, StartLogic, Globat, Dot5, Homestead, Bizland, and many other formerly free web hosting services. They went out and bought all the brands and tried to keep some of the great talent that was employed at some of those companies. They are experts in the upsell strategy like GoDaddy.

Where is iPage headed?

iPage is growing at such a fast pace – they will probably be at 1 million domains hosted in 2-3 years. Their first year brought them over 100k domains under management. Some hosts like BlueHost only did 10k-15k in their first year and now 7 years later they are at about 2 million so we expect them to exceed this growth of their competitors.  I think they will reach 1 million even quick if they keep the ipage coupon price around for another year or two. The good part of knowing who they are and where they are headed – is that you know that they aren’t going to just sell out to some random company and you have to move all your sites. They are stable and sticking around this business for a long time with a solid management team.

Don’t just trust me!!!

You should never just trust one person’s opinion about anything! So go ahead and read some other ipage reviews on the web. You’ll see other claims of ipage promo prices, but they won’t compare to this one. Make sure you do a thorough reading of other people’s experiences with iPage. You’ll also need to disregard the simple ipage review that says ipage sucks or something stupid like that. Look into the ones that have indepth examples of pros/cons of their hosting. You will be using the  ipage customer support and other features so look for comments on those topics.

Get your ipage coupon code pricing and signup for the ipage discount today. Don’t wait because you never know how long the ipage coupon link is good for. It’s less than $36/year with this special price. It’s truly the best value in web hosting today.

iPage Coupon – $3.50

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