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FatCow Green Marketing and Green Web Hosting

June 24th, 2011 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Green web hosting is a new way that some of the best web hosting service providers are beginning to expand their business in an effort to help the environment. FatCow web hosting offers completely green web hosting and green marketing techniques to benefit your web hosting experience. FatCow green marketing and green web hosting services include 100 percent wind power energy to support the energy used to keep the backups running and the websites on the web for each and every customer. For just $4.67 per month, you can get quality shared web hosting tools and products that are all powered by green energy!

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About FatCow Green Web Hosting
FatCow not only offers a wide array of web hosting tools and features, but they also offer entirely green supported energy and efficiency. The folks at FatCow wanted to go with the green marketing and green web hosting route because they wanted to reduce the amount of electricity in the energy grid that is produced by fossil fuels. Because FatCow does not actually have wind turbines on the property, this web hosting company purchases renewable energy certificates (RECs) to offset its energy use. The employees and brains behind the FatCow operation are also taking the green initiative a step further by making eco-friendly adjustments in their own lives and want to spread this message to its customers. This is why, if you choose to host your web site with FatCow, you can have a green and eco-friendly website as well! You can show off this green energy support with a variety of green badges that you can add to your website to announce you are taking up the green cause. When those web users visit your page, they can click on that badge to learn more about how your website is FatCow certified and can see for themselves that your website is powered by 100 percent wind energy. Do your part in helping to make both the real and virtual worlds a cleaner energy place by promoting your green website by downloading a badge as soon as you create your account with FatCow and begin your web hosting process. This will help build your reputation as environmentally responsible and might be more encouraging for your visitors.

Other FatCow features:
Of course you shouldn’t just choose a web hosting company based on whether or not it is green and environmentally friendly, but that should definitely give you incentive to find out more about this best web hosting provider. Aside from the green energy, FatCow is also known for providing the best shared web hosting on the web. With the basic package starting at just $4.67 per month, you can get access to all of the web hosting features and tools you will need to get started building your own website. Some of these features include unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited domains, free domain name registration, SSL secure sever, shopping cart and tons of e-commerce solutions. FatCow gives you everything you need right off the bat to get started with a free domain name registration and more to even build your own online business. Using the free website builder that FatCow offers is also another perk to choosing FatCow green energy web hosting. This way, even if you are new to web hosting and web development, you can create your own website quickly and easily with this fun and convenient design tool. You don’t have to hire a web developer to ensure you have an innovative and professional-looking website. Check out FatCow today to find out more about green web hosting and green energy savings with FatCow web hosting for just $4.67 per month! Don’t miss out on your chance to save!

FatCow Green Web Hosting

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