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HostMonster Drupal Hosting

July 19th, 2011 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Are you looking for Drupal Hosting? Not sure what Drupal Hosting even is? This article helps explain what a content management system like Drupal is and what to expect if you choose HostMonster Drupal Hosting. Learn  how to install Drupal on your HostMonster website here.

Introduction to Drupal

Drupal is among the best-known and most popular of the free, open-source content management systems (CMSs). Content Management Systems are software applications that can be used to manage content or to develop entire websites, providing a tidy way to organize data, files, etc.

The system is used by ordinary folks as well as by corporate giants in a variety of fields. Amherst College and Penn State are examples of an educational sites developed with Drupal, but it has also been used for Internet-related companies, such as AOL Corporate site, Symantec Connect, and Yahoo! Connect, and in the realm of entertainment, MTV UK, Warner Brothers Record, and Sony Music.

As is true with most widely-used open-source software, Drupal has a basic deployment that can be built on with themes and modules that extend and/or enhance its capabilities.  Themes allow the user to control the style and layout of his or her website, from the sidebar width and location to the footer to the navigation system to the color scheme, and font choices. Modules, on the other hand, are capable of customizing or extending core program functions.

What areas of Drupal can modules affect? Functionality can be increased or extended in areas from the administration of the website to the adaptation of content for mobile platforms, to the development of ecommerce operations to the inclusion of advertising to file management or other areas like games, media, mail, or search functionality. Those looking for an inexpensive ecommerce site may be interested to learn the through Drupal modules, you can offer discount coupons, present Terms of Service that require acknowledgement from site visitors, provide out-of-stock notifications on items that cannot be immediately shipped, or make it possible for customers to interact with

Introduction to HostMonster Drupal Hosting

In order to run Drupal, one either needs a server or a web hosting plan. HostMonster is one of the shared Linux hosting companies that offers Drupal. As of July 2011, the current version of Drupal was 7.4, released on June 30, 2011, and HostMoster offers that version, which HostMonster customers can access through the SimpleScripts one-click installer that HostMonster provides, so you don’t have to worry about the exact requirements for server software, MySQL or PostgreSQL version, and PHP version.

Installing Drupal on HostMonster involves the following steps:

1. Begin by logging in to the cPanel on HostMonster.

2. Find the “Software/Services” category of the cPanel listings, near the bottom of the page.

3. Click the SimpleScripts icon.

4. In the SimpleScripts list find the Content Management applications in the left-hand column and select Drupal.

5. An installation window will appear. It will provide you with links Drupal’s official website, their documentation, and themes that you might wish to use, as well as Drupal reviews. You can still reach these links through SimpleScripts after you install. Click ‘Install.’

6. You will be presented with choices of the version of the software. This is useful if, for example, you want to use modules or themes that have not been confirmed to work with the latest version. You’ll also have the choice of choosing a username and password or allowing SimpleScripts to generate it.

7. You’ll be presented with the Drupal licensing agreement. Read both it and the SimpleScripts terms of service, and click to accept them.

8. Click complete, and your copy of Drupal will install.

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