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BlueHost Reviews of BlueHost Hosting

October 4th, 2011 · No Comments · Uncategorized

There are many sites where a webmaster can find BlueHost reviews of BlueHost hosting. Some of these BlueHost reviews are actual user reviews that detail the product and service, things that BlueHost does well and some of the things that could be improved in regards to BlueHost hosting. Other BlueHost reviews simply summarize what is listed on the BlueHost website giving users a quick synopsis of what the BlueHost hosting plans include. Both types of BlueHost reviews can be helpful depending on the information one is looking for. As part of this post we hope to cover both types and give a little more in depth information about BlueHost web hosting.

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Having used the BlueHost hosting service for a number of years we have had many opportunities to work with the staff at BlueHost and have found that over all the service at BlueHost is exceptional. Naturally you will find that BlueHost reviews will report some negative experiences. What we have found is that often these dissatisfied customers ┬áhave made some type of error and are unhappy with BlueHost because they didn’t keep them from making the error in the first place. When reading BlueHost reviews one should also look for clues as to whether the review is an actual user review. Often competitors will leave negative reviews that are meant to make the competition look bad. These will often give the lowest score possible on every part of the service and will just give vague reasons as to why they are so bad. Saying there are hidden charges or that support is not helpful, but never giving information about a specific experience of problem they faced.

No web hosting service is perfect, especially if you are using a shared web hosting plan. There will naturally be some times that the service runs a bit slow or encounters a problem. All problems are simply not avoidable. However, there are a number of things that the web hosting service provider can do to ensure that their service is as reliable as possible. This includes having the most up to date equipment and software as well as server monitoring and backup systems in place to quickly fix a problem when it does occur. BlueHost has been in the web hosting business for 15 years and in this time the have grown and developed through all the chances that the web hosting industry as a whole has experienced. This gives them a sure knowledge and foundation of what it takes to run a successful web hosting business.

Because of the scope of the BlueHost hosting business they are able to offer all the latest features at a very affordable web hosting price. BlueHost hosting is regularly only $6.95, which is VERY cheap for all the unlimited web hosting features they offer, but right now we have a special BlueHost coupon that will let new signups get BlueHost hosting for only $3.95/ mo. This special BlueHost pricing is only available for new signups and is only good for the initial term, however; it is a great opportunity to save a lot of money to begin with while you are building your website and establishing regular traffic and income from your website. For those new to web hosting, check out the cPanel demo on the BlueHost homepage. Use the live chat to talk to a BlueHost rep to get answers to your questions before you sign up. Find out what you will need for the type of site you want to build and ask the BlueHost representatives if they can provide all the services you need and if there is an extra charge for any of those services.

Most web hosts offer the same basic things for free and charge additional for special services, generally when people claim a host has hidden costs or fees it is simply because they didn’t understand that some extra features have a separate charge. BlueHost isn’t trying to hide anything and they are glad to answer any questions or provide additional details when you have questions. The more you understand about web hosting before you sign up, the less surprise you will experience once you get going. Take time to read BlueHost reviews, take time to review the BlueHost services for yourself. And then take time to┬ácompare BlueHost hosting to other top web hosting providers to find the best web host for your needs. When you are ready to sign up, use our BlueHost coupon by clicking any of our BlueHost links to get the special pricing. There is no two day limit on this offer so if you need to take a few days to decide which web host is right for your needs, have no fear, this BlueHost discount price will still be available. Use our link below to visit the official BlueHost site and start your BlueHost review today!

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